The power of community

Where community engagement actually pays off

TYB is a community rewards platform for brands and fans to connect and grow together. Whether you're a brand or fan, TYB is here to help you win.
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TYB is where...

Action is rewarded

Brands create challenges, fans earn rewards for participating. Rewards redeem at checkout for dollars off.
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TYB is where...

Connection is personal

Brands design the space and personalize the experience, so fans can form friendship over what they love.
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TYB is where...

Loyalty is measured

Fans earn status for participating and purchasing, brands can recognize and reward top contributors.
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Community members earn rewards and unlock exclusives from the brands they love

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Customer testimonials

We love and grow with our clients 💙
Olamide Olowe
Topicals CEO & Founder
TYB is more than just a platform; it's a strategic partner in our brand's success. It's helped us tap into the power of our community, driving authentic engagement and loyalty like never before. If you're looking to take your brand to the next level, TYB is for you.
Babba Rivera
Founder & CEO, Ceremonia
TYB has been instrumental in our journey to becoming a customer-centric brand. It's not just about driving sales; it's about building relationships that last. TYB has empowered us to tap into the collective wisdom of our community, resulting in unprecedented growth and engagement.
Forrest Dein
CMO & Co-Founder, JuneShine
In a cookie-less internet, owning the relationship with your customer is crucial. TYB gives us ownership, while providing our team the tools to better understand, communicate with and serve our most loyal customers.
Charlotte Palermino
CEO & Co-Founder, Dieux Skin
As a seasoned marketer, I've seen my fair share of tools come and go. But TYB is in a league of its own. It's not just another platform; it's a strategic asset that empowers brands to connect with their community on a whole new level. TYB gets my highest recommendation!
Katie Welch
CMO, Rare Beauty
The magic of Rare is our community, which has helped us grow into the brand we are today. TYB was the only product that enabled us to scale that magic while maintaining the authenticity of our community. With TYB, we have the ability to reward our community for all of their contributions - beyond just transactions - and redeem directly on our ecomm site. As CMO, being able to connect this upper funnel brand engagement to commerce is priceless
Kate Foster Lengyel
CEO & Co-Founder, The Outset
The TYB team truly understands community-driven marketing and how to foster meaningful connections with customers. We witnessed incredible brand loyalty very early on in our business and turned to TYB to tap into those loyal and passionate brand evangelists in a more meaningful way.