Rewards that are rewarding

Make community your
growth channel.

Know your fans, and reward them for helping you reach your goals.
TYB enables brands to own, engage, and reward their community for taking valuable actions.
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TYB Rewards Toolkit

Our tool kit allows every brand to have a custom, scalable and rewarding community.
Game design meets relationship marketing technology to turn transactional loyalty programs into social experience for your customers.
Engagement sparks relationships, relationships build loyalty. Give your customers a social channel to create and earn together, and watch LTV grow.
Personalized engagement and rewards at scale. Through TYB, engagement and rewards are easy to build, deliver, and measure by segment.

What you get

Increase order frequency with our Rewards Toolkit.
Rewards for purchases & challenges
Reward for actions across the customer journey, from engaging with UGC to making purchases to sharing reviews.
Coin budgeter
Create your rewards budget & adjust in real time.
Increase D2C revenue with our Shopify integration, where rewards earned on TYB redeem exclusively on your site.
Segmented rewards
Give community members the gift of exclusivity with TYB Collectibles, which can be automated to unlock discounts and early access to products.
Core engagement loops
Build your game. Create systematic engagement loops that establish status, keeping customers excited to come back every week.
Recognize, reward, and amplify the status of your top contributors for taking valuable action.
Instantly surprise & delight your customers with bonus coins and collectibles to be redeemed for access and product on your Ecomm site with TYB Airdrop.
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TYB Community Platform

Level up your customer relationships through personalized engagement with a Brand-Custom Community on TYB.
Own your channel
With TYB, your community is custom to your brand, designed for your customers and owned by you.
Build loyal relationships
Engagement sparks relationships, relationships build loyalty. Give customers a social space to earn together, and watch LTV grow.
Know your customer
Create better products and marketing by understanding your customer on a personal level; from how they talk & share, to what they love & value.

What you get

Increase LTV and engagement with the TYB Platform.
Mobile and desktop app
Build relationships with your customers on a channel you own.
Guide marketing messaging by understanding your customer psychographics; from how they talk & share, to what they love & value.
Challenges (UGC, social share, and reviews)
Encourage your members to not just chat, but contribute. Through Challenges, you can reward customers for engaging in content, creating UGC & more.
Make your events a rewarding experience; collect RSVPs, automate reminders and distribute rewards for participation.
Personalized experiences (via collectibles)
Treat your most valuable customers like the VIPs they are. Create personalized challenges & rewards for each membership segment.
Custom brand onboarding
Welcome customers to your channel with a onboarding experience that educates, excites & feels like you.
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TYB Community CRM

Own, measure and activate your community membership data across your marketing programs with TYB’s  Community CRM.
Community made measurable
Understand the impact of your community channel on critical growth metrics, including acquisition, order frequency & average order value.
Own your data
Collect and integrate membership data across marketing programs. Connect all data collected from your members in your CRM to enhance email, SMS and social.

What you get

Gain and leverage consumer data insights with the TYB CRM.
Community Commerce Dashboard
Understand your impact: visualize comparisons in spending behavior between your community and non-community members.
Membership Manager
Easily store, leverage and export community contact information, engagement metrics and reward status.
Community Engagement Measurement
Understand how your community is participating on TYB, from chat analytics to challenge completion rate.
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Customer testimonials

We love and grow with our clients 💙
Olamide Olowe
Topicals CEO & Founder
TYB is more than just a platform; it's a strategic partner in our brand's success. It's helped us tap into the power of our community, driving authentic engagement and loyalty like never before. If you're looking to take your brand to the next level, TYB is for you.
Babba Rivera
Founder & CEO, Ceremonia
TYB has been instrumental in our journey to becoming a customer-centric brand. It's not just about driving sales; it's about building relationships that last. TYB has empowered us to tap into the collective wisdom of our community, resulting in unprecedented growth and engagement.
Forrest Dein
CMO & Co-Founder, JuneShine
In a cookie-less internet, owning the relationship with your customer is crucial. TYB gives us ownership, while providing our team the tools to better understand, communicate with and serve our most loyal customers.
Charlotte Palermino
CEO & Co-Founder, Dieux Skin
As a seasoned marketer, I've seen my fair share of tools come and go. But TYB is in a league of its own. It's not just another platform; it's a strategic asset that empowers brands to connect with their community on a whole new level. TYB gets my highest recommendation!
Katie Welch
CMO, Rare Beauty
The magic of Rare is our community, which has helped us grow into the brand we are today. TYB was the only product that enabled us to scale that magic while maintaining the authenticity of our community. With TYB, we have the ability to reward our community for all of their contributions - beyond just transactions - and redeem directly on our ecomm site. As CMO, being able to connect this upper funnel brand engagement to commerce is priceless
Kate Foster Lengyel
CEO & Co-Founder, The Outset
The TYB team truly understands community-driven marketing and how to foster meaningful connections with customers. We witnessed incredible brand loyalty very early on in our business and turned to TYB to tap into those loyal and passionate brand evangelists in a more meaningful way.
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