Community Co-Creation to Drive Authentic Referrals
With TYB's segmentation tooling, Dieux skin was able to activate their community members as product testers, driving a high volume of authentic reviews and referrals.
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Gathering Insights at Scale
For skincare brand Dieux, transparency is paramount. Communicating honestly with customers has informed everything from product formulation to marketing tactics as the brand has grown a community of loyal customers. After partnering with TYB to build a connected, always-on rewards community, Dieux was looking to engage a more specific segment: product testers. Rather than pursue the traditional pre-seeding model to gather customer feedback, Dieux imagined a world where customers collaboratively co-created products from the very beginning.
Rewarding for Content & Promotion
Dieux designed an application-only segment via TYB called Exploratorium, aimed at identifying and engaging target customers ahead of new product launches. In the months leading up to their Air Angel Gel Cream launch, Dieux activated the Exploratorium to inform and complement their existing go-to-market plan. Using survey challenges, they gathered insights on customers’ nuanced skin hydration concerns, used responses to refine marketing copy, and even sent samples for testing. With UGC challenges, they prompted Exploratorium members for packaging design ideas and online reviews. Ultimately, one week before launch, they leveraged the TYB Shopify integration to offer the Exploratorium members 15% off codes for the Air Angel Gel Cream to share with their friends and family.
Product Testing that drives Authentic Advocacy
Dieux’s Exploratorium leveraged the principle of reciprocity to generate thousands of authentic, personalized reviews and referrals ahead of the Air Angel Gel Cream launch. It was a win:win: loyal customers were rewarded for helping grow the brand, and Dieux gained authentic referrals that reinforced their brand promise of transparency.
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