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TYB is a community rewards platform for brands and their fans. Through TYB, fans establish status and earn rewards that unlock access to brand exclusives.
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The rewards you earn on TYB redeem for discounts when you shop.
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Co-create the brands you love
Through challenges, you earn rewards for engaging.
Provide feedback, create content & more.
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Earn coins every time you make a purchase from the brands you love.
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The best part about TYB? Rewards you earn redeem for dollars off at checkout.

Chat, collab, connect

Unlock access to brand communities; each filled with exclusive chats, events, and products.
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Earn status and climb the leaderboard for participating within brand communities on TYB.
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Community members earn rewards and unlock exclusives from the brands they love

Brand obsessed

💙 Loved by fans all over the world

Lasting, personal connection between brands and their communities.
I love being able to have an opportunity to share ideas, thoughts and ways to improve brands and create new things.  
It’s been now 6 months that I use TYB and it’s literally the best thing ever! I’ve already earned so many coins from different brands thanks to the challenges!
I love getting to know more brands and having the opportunity to try them out!
I love earning coins for Rare Beauty! I am saving up to redeem and buy some new merch and brow, eye, face and lip products!!! 💖
Enjoying TYB bringing me closer to the company that has treats to make my dog smile! Tysm TYB for existing!
Here from Ceremonia, their TYB challenge inspired me to make my first tiktok!
What better way to show love other than take your loyal supporters on a brand trip? thanks Topicals & TYB!
I love being able to share my thoughts and also learning from other people.

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