Exercise Snacks: Community Launch Event
Exercise Snacks used TYB Events to activate their online community IRL, growing the community as a result.
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People joined the Exercise Snacks community
of the TYB community attended the IRL event
Community Launch Event
Learn how Exercise Snacks used TYB to activate their online community IRL to celebrate the launch of their TYB presence, and as a result exploded their membership, and gathered valuable information about their fans.
About Exercise Snacks
Exercise Snacks is an open source library of workouts and wellness philosophy., aiming to create foundational fitness patterns for health instead of aesthetics. Until they launched on TYB, their main method for community management was Instagram. Community is the foundation of a sustainable healthcare ecosystem, so their team made the decision to introduce the world to the Exercise Snacks TYB community by hosting a full-day of wellness powered by TYB’s events product features. When you plan your brand’s events with TYB, you can transition from one-dimensional event programs like Eventbrite and Google Forms, into thriving, three-dimensional communities to increase engagement and growth (think seamless check-in with QR codes, the ability to communicate with attendees before and after your event, improved notifications and reminders, and more). By incentivizing members to show up to events and get rewarded with coins, members can re-engage with your brand by unlocking access to special features, getting discounts to products, and get invited to IRL events.
The Result
For the Exercise Snacks kickoff celebration, not only did over 600 New Yorkers show up, but thousands of people joined the Exercise Snacks community, and the activation also raised over $1mm for RIP Medical Debt.
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