Joggy: Community Co-Creation
Joggy built a next gen brand with community as a core tenet, creating 2x more valuable customers for life while raising $110k in pre-funding.
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More likely to repeat purchase
More valuable customers
Community Co-Creation
Learn how Joggy built a next gen brand starting from zero, raising $110k pre-funding capital and creating 2x more valuable customers for life:
The Action
In 2022, Joggy launched on TYB by dropping 500 Joggy Doggy Founding Member collectibles for $250/each. The Founding Member collectibles came with a suite of perks, including co-creation opportunities for future products, friends and family pricing, and exclusive access to channels, products, and more. All Founding Member collectibles sold out in under 40 hours, raising $110k+ to pre-fund Joggy’s development and production costs.
The Result
Since then, Joggy’s community has grown 2x+ and continues to drive revenue - community members spend 2x+ more on average than non-community members. Community members are also 60% more likely to repeat purchase, and purchase 87% more frequently than non-community members. Joggy’s community remains incredibly active beyond purchasing, with an average engagement rate 10x on TYB compared to Instagram. By rewarding the Joggy community with coins, discounts, merch, and more, they’re motivated to support the brand’s growth just like a team member.
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