JuneShine: Community as a Growth Channel
JuneShine increased retail sales and session length to 14 minutes with TYB.
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14 mins
Average session length on TYB
Engagement rate on TYB vs <1% on Instagram
Community as a Growth Channel
JuneShine is reinventing antiquated loyalty programs via TYB to drive 10x+ greater engagement and community growth.
The Action
Founded in San Diego, JuneShine, the leading hard kombucha brand, knew they wanted to expand to the East Coast in 2022 after thoroughly establishing their lead in California. They ultimately landed on opening a tasting room and micro-brewery in NYC, where they knew they’d be competing for market share with some competitors who were stronger in the region. JuneShine founder Forrest Dein knew that to make their new tasting room that much more effective, they had to lean into and empower their active West Coast community to spread the word - and become a real growth channel.
The Result
JuneShine saw TYB’s success with brands like Topicals and Joggy and knew they could create a next-gen New Loyalty program using the platform, which is exactly what they did when they launched the JuneShine Social Club in December 2022. Among other perks, JuneShine Social Club members get rewarded each time they visit the tasting room, connecting the digital Club to IRL events. JuneShine also tapped into the broader TYB brand community, hosting an NYC community run with Joggy led by Hoka global ambassador Kate Glavan. The 70 run attendees ranged from musicians to influencers to passionate fans of each brand, producing thousands of organic social impressions and making JuneShine the quickest brand to grow past 500 on TYB. JuneShine has also strengthened their fan relationship and deepened brand support while growing their community, with 14 minute average session length on TYB and 16% engagement compared to <1% on Instagram. By incentivizing and rewarding growth-driving actions like frequent visiting, engagement online, and sharing on social media, JuneShine has carved out a strong foothold in NYC, and will be applying the same framework to their Los Angeles and San Diego tasting rooms in early 2023.
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