Rare Beauty: Community Insights to Inform Marketing Strategy
In November 2023 Rare Beauty migrated their fans from a third-party chat platform to TYB as an evergreen tool for community activation. Shortly after launch, Rare leveraged TYB to execute a highly personalized community-first launch for their Find Comfort Body Collection.
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Higher AOV amongst Rare's TYB customers
more likely to purchase than Rare's general social audience
have made a recurrent purchase vs 9% of their non-TYB customers.
Finding Comfort is a Personal Experience
Rare Beauty developed their Find Comfort line with the goal of enabling customers to find moments of comfort and self-comfort in their everyday routines. The challenge? When bringing the products to market, Rare Beauty aimed to speak to consumers in a way that addressed their unique personal definitions of self-comfort. In order to do this, they needed to understand how customers defined comfort. Given the brand’s focus on inclusivity, they also needed to build a campaign that addressed their community as a whole, including customers who bought Find Comfort products and those who did not.
Surveys, UGC & Segmentation to Amplify the Go-to-Market
Rare Beauty leveraged tools across the TYB platform to authentically activate their Find Comfort launch and reach consumers across their community. TYB Survey and UGC Challenges allowed Rare to collect consumer insights and user-generated content, which fueled and informed their ongoing marketing efforts across platforms in real time. Using Daily Prompts, Rare inclusively engaged and rewarded their community regardless of purchasing behavior. Each Daily Prompt drove nearly 1,000 responses. For Selena fans looking to find a home in the Rare community, this provided a new way to engage that did not involve buying a beauty product. With TYB’s Community ROI Dashboard & Shopify Integration, the Rare Beauty team can measure the impact on sales, and the difference in behavior between the segment of community purchasers vs non-community Find Comfort purchasers.
Next-Level Personalization Drives Next-Level Revenue
The key to creating products and crafting marketing that speaks to your customer? Knowing your customer on a personal level. In Rare Beauty’s case, understanding how their customers find comfort, what language they use, and what self-care rituals they loved allowed them to craft an innovative and nuanced launch campaign that not only resonated with their community, but drove engagement and sales. Rare Beauty disrupted the industry with their focus on vulnerability and authentic community engagement. As the brand continues to grow, maintaining and expanding their highly engaged community will be paramount. By leveraging the TYB platform, Rare will have the tools they need to build personalized experiences for Selena fans and Rare customers alike at scale, amplifying their impact and growing their business in the process.
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