The Outset: Turning Fandom into Brand Love
The Outset, co-founded by Scarlett Johansson, uses TYB to turn fandom into brand love & loyalty.
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Challenge completion rate
Higher LTV than non-Skinsiders
Harnessing Fandom
While having a superstar founder like Scarlett Johansson brought immense attention to the brand on social media, The Outset lacked the tools to harness this fandom toward sales growth.
Rewarding Valuable Action
The Outset used TYB to implement a play-to-earn strategy that directed & channeled fan energy in an impactful way for sales. Within their custom “third space” on TYB, the Skinsiders were prompted to complete challenges, connect in chat, provide feedback and attend events. For every completion, Skinsiders earned rewards. The Outset didn’t stop there, TYB’s leaderboard allowed the brand to recognize & celebrate Skinsiders with outsized participation. Scarlett was able to create a short video thanking leaders, which encouraged the entire community to continue participating.
Community that Pays Off
The Outset was able to take ownership over their relationship with Scarlett Johansson's fandom & direct their enthusiasm into taking brand accretive actions, including cost-efficient, product-based UGC creation (versus paid ads) and qualitative research to incentivize repeat purchases.
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