Topicals: Community Segmentation for Personalized Engagement and Rewards
Topicals started with TYB to build their new ambassador community, increasing community growth by 300% and engagement by 8x. From there, they expanded the "Spottie Sphere" community to serve as the loyalty-building home base across customers, creators and experts estheticians.
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Increased community growth
increase in community purchases after transitioning from Yotpo
of the community has made more than one purchase in the last 60 days
One Team, Big Goals
Topicals, the fastest growing skincare brand at Sephora, has a small team responsible for all community, loyalty, creator and ambassador programs. Topicals needed a tool that would not only centralize their efforts for internal ease, but one that would provide a more engaging experience for a variety of customer segments and personas. Topicals was also lacking consistent measurement to understand the impact of their work on not only upper-funnel awareness, but lower-funnel sales metrics.
Creating a Personalized and Measurable Community
Topicals first migrated their Ambassador community to TYB in order to streamline and more effectively activate the group. Leveraging TYB's rewards toolkit, gamifying the ambassador experience, Topicals was able to turn community into their most engaged marketing channel (8x greater than other channels). Through community insights gathered from TYB, the Topicals team learned that 5% of their Ambassadors (250 people) were also estheticians. From there, Topicals launched a new segment exclusively for this group of experts, and leverage them for product testing, marketing insights and product amplification. Due to the streamlined internal operations, lower-funnel measurement and engaging customer experience, Topicals then moved their loyalty program from Yotpo to TYB. Now, the "Spottie Sphere" is the largest TYB community and provides a personalized, rewarding experience for all three Topicals segments.
Community = Powerful Growth Channel
The Topicals team sees TYB’s offering as a one stop solution to drive everything from conversation to conversion, personalized to each segement. By proving the value community has had on the business, Topicals now views TYB as a priority marketing channel where product launches and marketing campaigns are co-created with their most loyal customers. With the reduced demand managing the community, the Topicals team has been able to invest more time in finding exciting and new ways to mobilize their community. In March of 2024, Topicals ran a community brand-trip giveaway fully through TYB challenges, driving thousands of interactions, incremental EMV and more.
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