Vada: Product Pre-Fund
Vada utilized TYB to co-create a product with their customers, leading to 90% of the previously planned production run being sold immediately.
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Pre-fund revenue raised
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Product Pre-Fund
Learn how Vada utilized TYB to pre-fund a new product line, while gathering valuable insights and more accurate demand planning.
The Action
Known for statement, hand-made eyewear and accessories, Austin-based Vada saw the opportunity to activate their community as a roadmapping resource when developing a new segment of their eyewear line. Since Vada had never released performance eyewear before, they wanted to create an opportunity to have the Vada community vote on and co-create the latest style, to ensure resonance and demand.
The Result
Vada released the JOY RIDE collectible for $200, which granted access to the community to co-create the frames, meet fellow Vada fans, and included a pre-order reservation for the frames at a discounted price. Vada sold through 90% of the previously planned production run immediately with the JOY RIDE collectible sales, and saw such positive response to the style that they were able to increase their production order by 20%. Vada’s JOY RIDE frames will begin landing with community members in Spring 2023, at which point Vada is planning a greater investment in their spring campaign based on the success of the collectible launch and community.
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